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The Walk - Short Film

Over the last year and a bit, I got to work with an amazing group of girls to create this beautiful short film. I am so proud of what we have managed to achieve, even during these difficult times. I can not believe this is my time at University coming to an end but I am excited for what is yet to come! 

The Man Character Design 

The original man turnaround and design was done by my fellow classmate Aleksandra Szejko. It was my job to go over the turnaround and create the various sheets needed to help teammates understand his design and be able to animate him.


This was the original turnaround that was done by my fellow teammate Aleksandra Szejko.

The Woman Character Design 

The woman's design was based off of my fellow teammates, Jade Crooks', original concept. I was then tasked with creating a turnaround for her and various other sheets for her. 

Original concept of The Woman done by Jade Crooks.


The Dog Character Design 

Again, the original design for the dog was done by another teammate of mine, Millie Mackie. Similar to The Man and The Woman, I slightly redesigned the dog and created a turnaround for him as well as several other different sheets to help my classmates understand his design and how to animate him

The original Dog turnaround done by Millie Mackie

Concept Art 

As well as doing character designs for the film, I also did concept art. 



Not only did I do character design and concept art for the film, I also helped animate several shots for the film

Shot 5

Shot 6

Shot 19

Shot 22

Shot 24

Shot 25

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